Sunday, December 11, 2011

Burger King

Now. Working at Burger King

New life skang. Da keje kt Burger King

New experience. Blaja bwat bege amek order & deal with people

New routine. Sangat penat for the first time but now getting better

New timetable. Pegi keje. Balik. Rest. Tidow

New friends. Manager. Workers & burgers

New diet. Burger everyday

New house. Tompang umah ijat dulu sementara keje

New uniform. Shirt. Cap. Apron. Leather shoes

New tagline. “Hi selamat datang, nk order ape cik ?”

Need sleep. Bye bye


  1. cute man!

    bet BK can't beat krabby patty from the krusty krab!!!!