Friday, September 23, 2011

When We Feel Life`s So Hard

What is life ??

Talking about life. Different people define it differently.

We all have our own opinions and definitions on life.

Why ??

The answer is simple.

Because everybody runs their life individually.

We face everyday`s challenge by our self

and encounter it with our thoughts and judgments

So why does life`s become so hard ??

Because we did not manage, plan and think wisely in previous days

What should we do when life becomes hard ??

Be cool. List all the problems approaching us.

Set up which one has the highest priority and affect us greatly

Set up plan to solve it. Seek advice from more experience person.

What is the most important ??

Remember that we are just human. Remember who creates us.

Remember where we come from. Never forget The Almighty.

Seek forgiveness and ask for guidance from Him

What should be the conclusion ??

Whatever we do, there`s always good and bad; pro and cons

Be a good son to our parents.

Be nice to everybody

And never forget The Almighty

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